Working with David

David works both as a mediator for separating couples and a divorce coach for individuals who do not require direct representation. His clients have spanned a broad array of vocations, from homemakers to college professors to physicians to engineers to musicians to professional athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs (and just about every other vocation imaginable). In addition to writing the well-received book Divorce for Grownups, David has been quoted in the New York Times on topics related to divorce. If you are interested in working with David, please see the descriptions below to learn how to best get in touch.


If you are committed to managing your divorce or legal separation amicably, and you primarily need help with matters other than high-conflict custody (e.g., asset division or support), David’s mediation practice may be a good fit. David charges $250 to reserve an appointment for an initial consultation of up to one hour.

To schedule an initial consultation via Zoom with David, please contact David via email at [email protected] and indicate that you are interested in mediation. Please keep in mind that David requires that both spouses attend an initial consultation.


If you are interested in advice regarding how to best (i) manage mediation, (ii) structure a settlement to meet your needs, or (iii) address any financial planning concerns, David may be able help you as a divorce coach. David’s many years of experience as a mediator combined with his experience as a wealth manager make him uniquely qualified to help clients sort out the many financial considerations associated with the process of separation and divorce.

Separation is an inherently stressful processes, and despite the best efforts of a mediator, individual clients may struggle with how to best articulate their concerns during mediation. Further, some clients may simply need help “keeping up” with the financial analysis that is presented in mediation. David enjoys coaching clients on how to ensure that they reach a settlement that (i) meets their needs, (ii) they fully understand, and (iii) leaves them feeling that they managed the mediation process with dignity.

To schedule a coaching call via Zoom with David, contact David via email at [email protected] and indicate that you are interested in coaching. David charges $650 for an initial one-hour coaching session.

David’s Contact Information

Phone: (650) 714-9439
Email: [email protected]